A pinch of salt...

We only select the best pork thighs taken from pigs born and reared in the Po Valley. The only ingredient we add to this carefully selected Italian meat is salt, adding just a pinch to preserve the natural sweetness of our ham. No preservatives, no additives, nothing else.

... and a good dose of passion

Time, passion, experience and the human touch of a truly unique tradition. We do all this here in Langhirano. And we do it ourselves, by hand. Our expert butchers debone the ham and hang it traditionally using authentic rope, never from metal hooks.

Quality developed over time

Our curing cellars are located underground in Langhirano and offer the ideal conditions for maintaining the moistness and natural flavours of the meat over time. The result is the intense flavour, unmistakable sweetness and pink hue of our ham.

Quality down the generations

All of our processes are carried out on site, where we benefit from the ancient know-how handed down through the generations. Each ham is cured with care, passion and skilful craftsmanship.

The fragrant breeze

We are located in the perfect position to welcome the sea breeze of Versilia, which, laden with scents of aromatic pines and fragrant chestnuts, infuses our Zuarina hams with sweetness to give them their unmistakable flavour.


Zuarina Parma Ham is sold by leading retailers, hotels, bars, restaurants and delicatessens across the world.
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