About us

Established in Langhirano in 1860

Our Parma Ham was first produced in Langhirano in 1860. It is a special place, where the woodlands of the Apennines meet the coastal breeze drifting in from Tuscany. Our curing cellars are found in a prime location for this fusion of flavours: the sea breeze travels over pine and chestnut trees, absorbing aromas that then infuse slowly into our hams.

The sweet taste of an ancient story

The name Zuarina dates back to a period in Italy’s history in the early 20th century when the Italian army seized control of the Libyan base of Zuwarah. In honour of this, women proudly named their children Zuaro and Zuarina, and this was the case with Ugolotti Zuarina, the founder’s wife. Since then, we have retained not only the name but also the craftsmanship and know-how passed down through centuries of history.

Zuarina today

Technology and Innovation: our factory is undoubtedly one of the most modern production sites in the Langhirano region. Here, technology and tradition unite to create true sweetness.