Wholesome food for generations

Some things are handed down over time: only the best Italian meat, a pinch of salt, the craftsmanship of the traditional method and the slow and patient curing process. This is how we make our Prosciutto di Parma. The Langhirano breeze tells a story that began in 1860. A story of sweetness, and one that been passed down the generations.

Raw material

We follow a rigorous process when selecting our meat. We choose only heavyweight pigs born and reared in the Po Valley, which produce pork thighs that are perfect for the long curing process.

A few grains of salt, no preservatives and no additives. Time, passion, and the slow action of the sea breeze. All this gives Zuarina Prosciutto di Parma its unique flavour and fragrance.



All of our processes are carried out on site, using the ancient know-how handed down through the generations. We cure each ham with care, passion and skilful craftsmanship.

We are ideally located to welcome the sea breeze of Versilia which, laden with scents of aromatic pines and fragrant chestnuts, infuses our Zuarina hams with sweetness, conferring on them their unmistakable flavour.

Sea breeze

About us

Our Parma Ham was first produced in Langhirano in 1860. It is a special place, where the woodlands of the Apennines meet the coastal breeze drifting in from Tuscany. Our curing cellars are found in a prime location for this fusion of flavours: the sea breeze travels over pine and chestnut trees, absorbing aromas that then infuse slowly into our hams.

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Long seasoning

Born from thighs accurately selected from the best Padania pork. Slowly matured for 30 months.
Intense perfume, unique sweetness. A delicacy also for the most discerning and demanding palates.

Gran Riserva

A fragrant and particularly sweet prosciutto. Made from carefully selected thighs of heavyweight and aesthetically perfect pigs bred in the Po Valley with the ideal layer of fat, ideal for a long curing process. Intense fragrance, deep and persistent sweetness, delicate pink colour. A treat for the palate.


Known for its sweetness the world over. Made from pork thighs of heavyweight pigs born and reared in the Po Valley. A strong character with an intense fragrance married with a long-lasting sweetness.

Antico Rustico

The best pork thighs are selected from farms in the Po Valley before being processed using the ancient expertise that has helped Zuarina become one of the leading brands in the sector. The ham is cured in the stone farmhouse next to the factory in Langhirano.


Prosciutto di Parma Zuarina Bio comes from organic farms where the controls, animal feed and environments are carefully regulated to ensure that the animals develop naturally, in full compliance with strict Italian and European organic production standards.

Bio Cold Cuts

Zuarina was one of the first Italian brands that began to offer “Bio” (organic) products. The innovative structure of the bowl allows an excellent appearance of the product displayed in any type of refrigerator, while the graphic layout gives the pack premium positioning.