Bio Cold Cuts

The philosophy of a choice

Choosing “Bio” means making a very precise choice, combining taste and health, safety and quality, ethics and sustainability.  It is a particular, different approach, both for the supplier and for the buyer. The consumer’s choice to buy “Bio” food is basically based on increased attention to product safety, and on the concept of ethics and sustainability of the entire production chain.  

The “Bio” philosophy focuses on:

natural resources and rural development

animal welfare

genuine and high-quality food

Bio-Organic Zuarina

Zuarina was one of the first Italian brands that began to offer “Bio” (organic) products. The innovative structure of the bowl allows an excellent appearance of the product displayed in any type of refrigerator, while the graphic layout gives the pack premium positioning.

Il marchio BIO ORGANIC garantisce la qualità della scelta biologica Zuarina e permette al consumatore di scegliere con la consapevolezza di acquistare un prodotto sano, genuino, gustoso e rispettoso di una filosofia di allevamento e di produzione.

Le nuove etichette delle vaschette  ZUARINA BIO presentano una grafica moderna, distintiva ed accattivante.

The BIO ORGANIC brand guarantees the quality of the Zuarina biological choice, and enables the consumer to choose with the awareness of buying a healthy, genuine, tasty product, which complies with a breeding and production philosophy.

The new labels of the Zuarina Bio bowls feature a modern, distinctive and eye-catching layout.

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